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10 Nov 2011

Krishnan Vijayan

I had been in the teaching profession for almost the last 20years. I intended to own a home since 1995 when they were so cheap and plenty. We approached almost all commercial banks with an appreciable financial background. The delayed and discouraging responses in accessing a home loan made the mind to drop the aborted plan. We continued to stay in a rental home paying more than the amount that could have been the maximum monthly instalment to own a house, as the rent; until SAHL changed my destiny in May 2009. While I was making an in vain attempt again with a famous financial institution in Margate as a last resort(my 3rd visit with the same purpose)accidently I met one of my friends in the same fraternity, who got a house in Lower South Coast long ago through SAHL. I was given the contact number of SAHL, Shelly Beach he referred me to Mr Guy. Without much optimism I gave a ring to his cellular phone during the late hours. When responding he collected my whereabouts and location. He promised to meet me next morning but I expressed my inability to avail during day time and week days as well due to the nature of my job and distance. Before saying bye, suffixed that he would make a plan. I regarded it as a vague promise. To my surprise, when I returned home as usual around 6pm,there parked the vehicle painted as SAHL in front of my residence. 

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