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25 Oct 2012

Kristelle Janse van Vuuren

This will sound like a fairy tale or one of those radio adds that always sound to good to be true........NO, this is the real deal!!!! After struggling with the banks for 3 weeks, note that all paperwork was supplied as requested on the same day of the application, and still no definite word. On my way to school my boy said listen mom this advertisement on the radio, why don't we phone them". A bit irritated I just replied. yes they maybe just as useless as the banks, arriving at office again the advertisement on the radio. I then thought let me put them to the test. I logged on the internet and then send an email via SA Home Loans website. Browse around a bit and then my phone rings Morning this is Dhesigan Naicker from SA Home Loans we received your email how can we help you? I emailed Dhesigan Naicker all the paperwork that I supplied the banks. The next 6 days was a wonderful experience, I wish to stand on the mountains and shout out load.SA HOME LOANS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dhesigan Naicker gave me all my options and explained every step via email and confirmed it with a friendly phone call just to confirm that I indeed understand. Not a day went pass that I did not receive that personal attention from Dhesigan Naicker. Dhesigan Naicker you made my first home loan a pleasant one and you must be awarded a price!!!!!!!!! SA Home Loan's Management, please take note and award Dhesigan Naicker the reward of the employee of the decade. Dhesigan Naicker .YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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