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Western Cape

05 Nov 2013

Leanne van Zyl

Hello everybody, When my partner and I moved in together we had no idea what path we had to walk together, we were young and in love with out a care in the world. When his daughter came to live with us we had to move out of our one bedroom flat into a two bedroom flat just to learn that we were pregnant and so the search began for a home that could accommodate everybody! We were first time buyers with no debt which affected our credit scoring. In total we offered on four properties but could not get more than 80% approval from any of the financial institutions. That is when we approached SA Home Loans who helped us purchase our lovely little home we have been living in since March this year! The experience of dealing with a SA Home Loans consultant was like dealing with a friend who truly has your best interest at heart. She helped us prepare all our documents to the last detail and even wrote a letter of motivation. I will never forget when we got the call to say that everything was approved, it felt too good to be true. All I can do is thank SA Home Loans for being there when no one else was. Both our children love having their own rooms and we enjoy lots of family time together in our little garden. Without this great company it would not have been possible!

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