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27 Oct 2011

Lee Vine

After a bond originator said to me that I could only get a bond at Nedbank I took the offer without realizing the over the top interest rate. I then spoke to Nedbank and they asked me to move all my banking accounts to them, and so I did. After this I contacted them and asked for a interest cut; they then said they could not do it so I freaked out and said, I have done exactly what you asked by moving all my accounts, let alone all the hassle!; they then dropped my interest by 0.1%; this was ridiculous! I then contacted SA Home Loans and my life became a lot easier. The service was brilliant. I did all the relevant paperwork and from there it was a breeze. The loan was done! The money was available! The interest rate was great! And the service was AWESOME! Thanks a lot SA Home Loans.

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