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27 Nov 2015

Leon Dasrath

After leaving Pietermaritzburg in 2011 and having our own home financed through SAHL, we unfortunately had to sell it. We relocated to a little town called Harding and rented for a while but still wanted our own home. As an FNB client I thought it would be easy to get a home loan from them, but to no avail. Too much paperwork and finally they rejected us which was really sad. We had hoped at that point that we were going to move into this amazing home which we just viewed; but our hopes were soon shattered as we were rejected for finance. I then remembered that SAHL had financed us for our previous loan and approached them. I was blessed to have a friendly staff member at SAHL start the process with me. It took no less than 3 weeks for a response from them for a little more documentation and within a week later we received a message saying our loan has been approved. My family and I jumped with such joy in our hearts that our dreams were finally being met. We have shifted into our home and loving every minute of it, all thanks to SAHL and their friendly and professional staff. Our dreams have been fulfilled. Thanks

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