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17 Sep 2013

Leonard Combrinck

We are all striving to find happiness in our lives, and a few years ago, my wife and I was fortunate to be able through the help of SAHL, to purchase our first home, we were expecting our second child, and it was a very stressful time, as we had complications and a miscarriage with our first child. Needless to say, in a stressful time when buying a property, SAHL was always friendly and helpful. Will never forget being able to bring my beautiful baby girl to my home, with her own room all painted in bright colours and hearing her sleep so peacefully. Sadly, a year later, my drama wasn't over, I came home one Friday afternoon, and found that my house was half emptied, all my baby girls things and my wifes things where gone, and on the kitchen counter was my divorce settlement. Was a very traumatic time, and without going into too much details, I at one point after the divorce, picked up the phone, and asked SAHL to see what they can do for me to keep my house, my house that use to be a home for my family. Within no time, SAHL had a solution for me, through one of their amazing products, and all there friendly staff were so understanding and supportive. Every single one helped me in the worst time of my life, even on the days that I wasn't exactly at my best. 

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