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02 Nov 2018

Today I 'm a proud owner of a beautiful house at a very young age...

Linah Jele


Renting a backroom has never been easy since you can't even change something as simple as paint of your choice, sometimes your electricity supply is cut off without a reason, you can't have visitors or the gates are locked at a certain time.  That was my situation when I was being declined of a home loan by some banks.

I never knew SA Home Loans when I went to apply for a home loan with several banks where my applications were declined, until a certain bank approved me at 13%.  My instalment was very high so I opted for bond over a longer period (30 years)... Offcourse I  was desperate! After sometime I heard about SA Home Loans and was introduced to a very polite consultant who explained everything to me.

She supported me throughout the whole process of applying. The SA Home Loans team were friendly. The most exciting thing was that the interest rate was 10,9%! A lower monthly instalment than that of the 'certain bank' even though it is a 20 years term.  What a difference!  I get something back in my pocket, and on top of that I am approved for a certain amount of loan.

Today I 'm a proud owner of a beautiful house at a very young age which I'm going to pay for a short period of time with a lesser instalment. All thanks to SA Home Loans.


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