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Western Cape

02 Nov 2011

Lindsay Giovanni Pretorius

Im a 29 yr old male, married 3yrs going for 4 yrs, its me, my wife and one child, a boy. We lived with my in-laws in my wifes old room. We lived there for about 2 and a half yrs and now, because our son is getting older, needs his space to run around, and for us to control him and teach him to do things our way we need to have him to our own. I went to banks for a home loan and I mean every bank thats in South Africa. It looked to me has if they werent going out of their way to help a person. I thought that because I was a 1st time home seeker they would help a person much faster and get back to us or at least email you with relevant info - totally nothing. I kind of gave up; my dad asked me how long Ive battled getting a home loan and I just said, Im tired, I need help, and he told me about SA Home Loans. The Monday I gave them a call, I spoke to a lovely lady called Naomi and since that day everything ran to perfection it took THREE months to do everything. I just finished my first payment on my bond. THANK YOU VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH FOR HELPING ME WITH MY HOME.

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