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Western Cape

01 Nov 2011

Lisa-Michele Gerber

I think relationships are hard enough without any added downs, and Justin and I have had a lifetime of downs in the 3 years we have been together. For some reason it seems there is always some sort of steep hill to climb over to get to where we want to be. From court cases so that we can have visitation with Justin's daughter, to fall outs with Justin's dad that took us a year to mend, and then having to find our own place which seemed like an almost impossible task. We had a year of settling debt and really crunching down and not going out and splashing like most young couples do. This was tough; we became hermits just for the sake of saving and closing accounts. When we were eventually almost in some sort of position to start looking, we came across a small quaint little house that was a deceased estate, and we thought ok, here it is, we can do this and we made an offer. Only to be declined and find out that the lawyer dealing with the estate was not the easiest person to negotiate with and we ended up not getting the house. We were distraught, as we already envisioned our lives there, our furniture inside and the happy memories we were to create there. This was quite a blow to us, but as they say, "everything happens for a reason" And so a year later, it appeared there was another reason, there was a beautiful house on grounds double the size of the first one, on a better side of the suburb we were looking in for only a fraction of the price more. 

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