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12 Dec 2011

Liza Hubner

I got divorced during November 2010. This resulted in me finding my own house for the very first time in my life as a single person. I was fearful! I didnt know if I would be able to do this on my own. My ex-husband is also my accountant as I have my own business. I relied on him to guide me and be of all the assistance as it was during our divorce process. I thought he will give me all the assistance, like with all his clients; submit my application to the bond originator he has been using for many years. Sad to say, he forwarded me the financial statements and told me to do it myself. The disillusionment was hard! I submitted all relevant documents to his bond originator as I did not know where to go. No joy!!! It felt as if she didnt want to assist me. According to her, all applications at banks were declined. It even felt like he had asked her not to help me. I was devastated!! Then I saw one of your vehicles. I contacted SA Home Loans and the service was extremely professional! My application was dealt with while I waited for the first validations to be done. There was one problem regarding my business previous owners and the liquidation of their company. With empathy, I was guided to the right people and the problem was resolved. To my surprise, the application was submitted and soon afterwards the approval was announced! No one will ever know how much that meant to me. 

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