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10 Mar 2015

Lizelia Engelbrecht

We never were able to afford our own house. So when my husband lost his job and started his own business it looked even bleaker! This all happened in 2012, and no bank wants to give you a home loan if you don't have at least two years of financial statements, and even then they frown upon you. We have been with ABSA (personal banking) for wow, lots of years and they declined us flat out. Nedbank isn't even interested if youre self employed, they tell you straight on their website not to even apply if you work for yourself!! Our business banking is with FNB and surprise, surprise they declined us as well. Standard bank approved us and declined us. So after 4 declines we were sure that SAHL would also decline our loan, but much to our surprise and joy, they approved us! So for the first time in our life's my husband and I finally owned our own dream house! We are truly blessed to have SAHL that was not afraid to take a chance on us.

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