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Western Cape

01 Nov 2011

Lorencher Daniels

As a young married couple my husband and I were living in a granny flat at the back of my in-laws with our little girl. Times was tough, we couldnt afford a home of our own at that time. We were expecting our second child and it was time get a place that we can call home. We tried one bank after the other and finally our bond was approved at a bank which will remain unknown. Our bond was at this bank for about almost two years and then we changed to SA Home Loans. Then a couple of months to a year into our bond with SA Home Loans my husband got retrenched. In that difficult time SA Home Loans stood by us and made arrangements with us so that we could pay an amount that suited our pocket. I can only say that they are the BEST!!! Thank you SA Home Loans now we can call our place HOME.

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