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Eastern Cape

25 Oct 2011

Lynette Volschenk

I realised my lifelong dream by opening my own legal practice, after working for attorneys since 1984. Due to finances I had to rent a property for 2 years before being able to buy my own office. After months of looking for the right premises, I approached my bank (with whom I had been banking for 25years!) and struggling with the other banks - their story was that they cannot finance me because my practice was not 24 months old yet and it was too risk. I decided to give SAHL a try! I could not believe my ears when I was told that it would not be a problem if I met the financial requirements. I completed the application on a Wednesday at 14h00, the valuation was done on the Thursday at 12h00 and I was notified on Friday afternoon that my bond was approved!!!! I could not believe it - after spending 5 months trying to finance my purchase - now I am paying off on my own building, and not some rich landlord's! Thanks to SAHL, who helped me realise my dream!!!

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