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13 Dec 2011

Madelize van Schalkwyk

Being not only a first-time home buyer, but self-employed, buying a house seemed like an impossible task to accomplish. I dreaded the process, and trying to get approval from a bank confirmed why - even though I was a loyal client for years, and proved beyond any doubt that I was buying within my limits, the banks came back with either no approval, or approvals with horrible deals. Of course self-employed buyers are more risky, but they made it practically impossible. I was treated as just another number, and was categorized accordingly. No matter how much effort I made to proof that I am a lower risk client, they just kept on saying: it doesn't matter... During this process I kept on driving past the new campaign signage SAHL was running about "I'll tell you how easy it was", and just before giving up completely, I decided to see if it was true what they were claiming. I prepared my paperwork and walked into the Lonehill branch, expecting another grilling session. Linton Govender met with me, quickly checked my paperwork and told me that if he needs anything else he would contact me. I walked in and out within 10 minutes, it felt too easy and I expected the list of mails to come in and tell me the same story as before. But I got a friendly mail that afternoon to confirm that my application has been filed, and was kept up to date as the process carried on. I got my AMAZING NEWS back within days, much quicker than anyone else, and the deal beat the rest by far! 

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