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10 Mar 2015

Mahlatse Ephia Makgoana

I am a first born of three children to my parents. My mother is a teacher and my dad used to be a lecturer at an educational college before he retired. After which he sundered his money in an effort to become a businessman. But background, experience and guidance proved to be lacking. I received a bursary to study at a private high school and that was the first sin that I was destined for great things. I always knew that I wanted to be an independent and wealthy young woman and would make my parents proud and break the curse for poverty in our family. My dream was temporarily interrupted when I thought I had met the love of my life. A young student doctor who adored me and wanted to make a wife out of me. My dreams of becoming wealthy and independent went straight out of the window and were replaced with dreams of being the wife of a wealthy doctor. Those dreams did materialise momentarily; however, with them came the abuse, the de-motivation, being cheated on and ultimately the belief that life was not worth it; and two attempted suicides. After months and years of healing not only my broken heart but rebuilding my self-esteem and getting back on track with my real dreams, I realised that I needed a home for the child I had made with the Doctor. I had been left with nothing but my education. 

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