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05 Jul 2012

Mahlubonke Jordan

I first applied with FNB, a bank that me, my company and my partner had used for years and was declined. I tried all major banks as well as SA Home Loans. Guess what? SAHL was the first to approve. It took almost a year for my bond to be registered after paying the deposit and attorney fees because the previous owner owed the council a lot of money. Nonetheless, SAHL never put me under pressure about cancelling the agreement, they waited until I had sorted everything out and during that time I was scared of losing my house and money. Today, I tell all my friends who want to buy houses, not to waste their time with other banks; they must go straight to SAHL. I'm now getting offers from other banks to transfer my bond to them and I tell them that they did not want to take a risk, but now that they see I can afford the house they think they can convince me since they claim to reputable banks. You guys made my dream and my children's future a reality. Thank you.

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