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Eastern Cape

27 Jul 2012

Marchelle Gouws

The story of wanting a house of your dreams and then going to SA Home Loans. We stayed in an ok area but we were not very happy. My husband and I decided to go looking for another house that will suit us better. At the end of the day we decided to go and look at one more house. When we stopped outside the house I thought to myself, no this house will cost too much, but being the person that I am, we still walked into the yard and I were so amazed. We took our son and daughter with us and when we entered the house I just heard my children shout, and believe it or not the words they said was, Yes, this is our house. I only walked in the front door, and had asked the agent what is the price of this house was and when he gave me the price I immediately told my husband that we should sign now, so that is done. We made an appointment to go and see AJ at SA Home Loans and he was the best. We did all our documentation and went off. When we went and signed, I was in tears and he tried so hard to comfort me, but it was more nerves than anything else. It was the best day of our familys life, the day he phoned and said that the house was ours. Thank you very much to SA Home Loans. Regards Marchelle Gouws

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