Margaret Howland | SA Home Loans

Western Cape

21 Oct 2013

Margaret Howland

When we realised that we would need a small bond for the purchase of our house, SA Home Loans was a no-brainier, because I had heard from others that their interest rate was the lowest. On applying we found this to be true and the paper work was easy and simple to understand and the consultant was GREAT. We knew that because of the small size of our bond approval would not be a problem and this was true. SA Home Loans gave us approval even before the paper work was in because it was such a small bond. On contacting a leading banking institute, we were given the run-a-round and told it would take 2 - 3 working days for approval irrespective the amount being applied for. Needles to say, I am telling ALL my friends and relatives of the GREAT service and low rates of SA Home Loans. And also the follow up service afterwards was and continuous to be great. Any questions we have are answered promptly and it is just soooo great to receive excellent service.

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