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Eastern Cape

31 Oct 2011

Margaret Jooste

When my husband divorced me in 2000 he was going to sell the house and we had to share the profit, I did not know where my 4 children and myself were going to stay as I would never be able to afford to buy a home. After a few months of advertising, we were still not able to sell the house; my ex-husband phoned me and said that he was going to give the house back to the bank as he could not afford two households. That night was agonizing, I did not even have any hope of the small amount that I would have got from the sale of the house and I still did not know where we were going to stay, most probably in a room (on my salary)! I prayed the whole night through, asking God for help and direction. Early the next morning an idea came into my head and I phoned my ex to please come over as I needed to speak with him. When he arrived, I asked him if he was sure that giving the house back to the bank was the only way out, he said that it was the only thing that he was going to do, as he could not keep two homes going. I asked him again if he was very sure and he acknowledged again that it was the only route to go. I then asked him if he would agree to me taking the home over, without him getting anything (as he would not have got anything if the bank took it back) and put it on my name and got my own home loan. He sat for a while, thinking about it and agreed.

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