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Western Cape

04 Mar 2015

Mark & Lee Arendse

My wife and I got married on the 26.11.2011, we had been renting ever since. We moved to 3 different places in as many years. We applied for home loans everywhere and kept on being rejected by the major banks, nobody was willing to help. We found a beautiful fix me upper in the southern suburbs which had all the potential to become the house we could make a home. Again rejection until SA Home Loans replied. Talk about excellent customer service! The consultant Vuyani was beyond helpful. He helped the way a family member would help you, a close family member actually. He never gave up on us, at one a stage I thought it wasn't meant to be, but Vuyani guided us with advice to make more 'disposable cash' available. Back and forth e-mails went, and eventually THE GOD SENT EMAIL, BOND APPROVED. I recommend SA Home Loans to everybody. Great service guys keep it up and your company is destined for greatness.

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