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21 Apr 2015

Martin Bouwer

Over the years I had built up a collection of credit cards. Over time, with my wife falling ill these cards became a financial burden. As a 31yr client of a very large Banking group I decided to increase my home loan in order to consolidate my debt at the lower interest rate. I was told by my bank, with who I had never been in the red with for 31 years, they cannot help. I tried another bank and their calculations are ALL existing debt and new bond amount must be able to be afforded, even though I was going to give guarantees the existing debt will be closed. I was referred to SA Home Loans by a friend and approached them for the higher home loan. I was pretty negative at this stage and half-heartedly did the application. I was confused because my approach wasn't met with an "attitude" or "arrogance" but rather with "Hey we want your business". After giving in calculations and written guarantee that I was to close existing debt they gladly assisted me. I started talking to them on 4th Feb 2015, an upfront amount was paid to me within 10 days and my bond was registered and all financials paid by the 30th March 2015. My life has changed and thanks to SAHL I am credit card debt free and loving it. I can afford life again. SA Home Loans are a great service orientated company and their staff are all friendly and helpful. I wish they were a full bank because I would switch at the drop of a hat. Thanks SAHL.

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