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04 Jan 2018

Know that you have made a lifetime winner by giving me the opportunity to put a roof over my family and I.

Matthew Maquina

The search began in 2013, I decided to make my then girlfriend my fiancé and a year after the engagement we took things to the next level and decided to get married. After the wedding we were encouraged to not rush into buying our own place and were told by my inlaws to save up and then buy. With all the excitement of being newly weds we ignored all advice and dived into searching for our own home. We had found what was then our dream home, it ticked all the right boxes and was what made us melt every time we spoke about it. We decided to put an offer, all went well but we had to pay a deposit, money that we did not have, what sprang to mind was the words uttered by my inlaws...”Don’t rush to buy a house but save first.” Fast forward to a year after we got married, we welcomed our first child Eliakim, a boy child that is full of energy and at 2 years old already showing his love for Jesus. In August last year (2017) we decided to try again, the journey this time was taken with faith, a focus and much thought over advice. We drove from the South to the East of Joburg and in search for a house, there were a number of houses we saw but eventually found one that spoke to us. We contacted Cindy Mostert from Remax in the south of Joburg that assisted us with the offer to purchase that went through but was declined by 3 of the major banks. Our very last option was SA Home Loans, we were assisted by a very strong and faithful woman by the name of Shaunese Marais. 

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