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Western Cape

25 Oct 2011

Mechelle Kriel

I got divorced, and just about everything went wrong after that, in the area where I lived. My daughter was robbed in broad daylight by knifepoint on her way home from school and her cell phone was stolen after the third time. Her hand was cut during the incident. I decided I had to move. I rented my home out and moved to a house I found and really loved. Although a lot smaller it was just right for me and my daughter. I rented this house with an option to buy. During this time my house was also on the market to buy the new one. For just over a year I could not sell my house. The owners of the house I was renting from were desperate to sell. Mine was still not sold. I was in tears just about every day. I couldnt sleep; I didnt want to lose my little house I found! One evening the owners came to tell me they had a buyer and would know the following week if their bond was approved. Depression kicked in badly. I kept asking God why? This would have been a new beginning for my daughter and I. We had had a rough time and just wanted to settle now. The following week, on a Wednesday, the same evening I was informed the bond was approved for the new buyers, I saw a house on Gumtree. Just by looking at the pics, I knew it was everything I wanted. The changes I wanted to do in the house I was renting were made to the house I saw advertised on Gumtree. I phoned the Agent, who I still consider today as one of my angels. 

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