Michael Jansen Van Rensburg | SA Home Loans

Eastern Cape

30 Oct 2011

Michael Jansen Van Rensburg

We had our home transferred to SA Home Loans in 2004 as they were the only ones who would allow us to take a second bond on our house; this enabled me to pay all the outstanding medical fees needed for my wife to be able to have brain surgery on the 1st March 2005. She suffered with epilepsy and she was so ill. They would have to remove 4cm worth of brain tissue to stop the seizures. It came to a point where Lynn was having between 9/10 seizures a day. She could not even remember our childrens names. After her surgery Lynn has recovered 150%, she is back in the work force; she can now drive and is now a GIS Consultant. Every day I think about what I have been through, and I am grateful SA Home Loans as I would not have been able to collect the money needed to pay for her operation if they had not helped.

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