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25 Oct 2011

Michelle Calitz

Owning your own home does more than fulfil a basic human need, it allows you the extreme privilege of raising your kids in a safe, stable environment that says "here we can dream dreams". It's at the basis of Maslows pyramid, so after renting for many, many years, we were finally ready to become proud property owners. How disillusioned we were when our 'own bank' of 20+ years would not assist us, with no reason. Good credit record (check), affordability (check), stable and contactable (check), deposit (check), excellent evaluation (check), but still a long list of requirements from the red bank. So our agent referred us to SA Home Loans. Within 24hrs we were approved and the process to becoming home owners well on its way. The staff were efficient, informed, but more importantly, WE GOT OUR HOUSE!!!! The proudest moment was when the 'For Sale' sign got the 'SOLD' sticker on it. Thank you SA Home Loans for providing us the opportunity to give our family a home of our own. A place where we can feel safe and dream our dreams.

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