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27 Oct 2011

Michelle Davids

We found the perfect house but had very little time to get the finance. What made my experience with SA Home Loans so unforgettable was the efficiency of the consultants. Because of the short time I had to apply for my bond I applied to almost all the banks at once. I was doing all the work myself getting all the info required together, and there was quite a bit of info since my husband is self employed. I submitted to each bank what they said they required but unfortunately for me almost all of them needed more documents all except for SA Home Loans. I was really impressed with the consultants efficiency, he told me in an email what I needed to send, and I sent him everything and a few days later I had my answer from him. You would think that now that I had my finance everything would go smoothly....no more problems with the transferring attorneys and I actually thought I might not get my home. The consultant again came to my rescue and had everything sorted out. Thank you so much to SA Home Loans, especially for employing staff and educating them with the correct knowledge to assist us with our home loans.

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