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17 Oct 2013

Michelle Gopfert

So I am not really good at writing stories but as mine is really worth sharing I thought Id give it a bash, here goes: 2013 started off really bad for my kiddies and myself. In early January my fianc passed away due to a sudden illness, leaving myself and my four kids behind. As he just started a new job in January 2013, he had left us with nothing. The rent I was paying used up most of my earnings including having to look after all my little bunnies. The first thing that came to my mind was how was I going to support my kids, I then gave the owners of the unit a call and explained my situation. I told them that I either need to move into a smaller unit, pay less rent to them; or purchase the property. After long negotiations I eventually got the nod that he was selling the unit and I had first option to purchase. Not wasting any time I approached SA Home Loans. The turnaround time was unbelievable and the service I received was excellent. As this was all very new to me, I didnt understand the whole process of purchasing a property. SA Home Loans explained the whole process to me in detail and in a way that was simple enough for me to understand. Needless to say 2013 has just been one of the best years. I became a proud home owner in June, thanks to SA Home Loans. Now I can sleep at night not having to worry about my kids not having a roof over their heads and being able to save money. I also was able to purchase a new car and have found new love in my life. 

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