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Western Cape

10 Feb 2015

Moenieb Hendricks

The decision to move to a bigger home was becoming more and more a reality for my wife and I as our 2 boys were getting bigger and with my parents living with us, our current home was quickly becoming claustrophobic. Although, we have expanded over the years we had literally run out of space. At the turn of the year in 2014, my wife and I made a New Years resolution, that we will work towards buying a new home. Our dream home which will be bigger and my parents will be comfortable; our 2 boys will have space to explore around the home and of course for ourselves to have that extra space to feel free :). Our search began at the end of January 2014, it was a rollercoaster, we had found houses that we thought would be our dream house; liaised with the agent and the bond consultant for every home we saw that we were interested in. I always emphasized to the agent that I would prefer my bond to be with SA Home Loans, only to find out that SA Home Loans was there biggest competitor. Our search went on for months, all the time these agents were not contacting SA Home Loans for bond approval. We then lost some homes we thought were our dream home until one day; we found the home of our dreams. I told my wife that I was not going risk losing this home by putting it into the hands of the agents. I liaised directly with SA Home Loans, Ashley Ganesan, he was amazing. 

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