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Western Cape

16 Nov 2011

Mogamat Young

We had been renting for 6 years, when we saw our dream home. The house was a perfect 3 bedroom house, big yard and a beautiful garden. The area was just perfect what we needed as we have 2 teenagers and a toddler. The environment was ideal for them and travelling to school and work was perfect. The problem started when we applied for a bond. 3 major banks this was a 1st for both my wife and I, and we thought it would be a walk through. All the paperwork and questionnaires on the application forms and the unprofessionalism from the consultants were awful. The one consultant at one of the banks told us, You will never get a bond from anybody due to your affordability assessment. My wife was close to tears after all the declines from these banks. We had to get this bond as there were other potential buyers for this property. We did a joint application and we were declined. It felt like we had a disease just the way they treated us and has if they had joy in telling us our application was declined. The other bank did not even give us a reason for their decline. The consultant said, Even if you speak to our manager your application will still be declined." We search the web and came across SAHL in January 2011 and forwarded our details. Anja Lock was our consultant. SAHL was the only institution that accepted our application based on joint income. 

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