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Western Cape

25 Oct 2011

Mohammed Abbas

My wife and I tried to purchase a property 7 times in the space of 3 years. At every juncture we used various mortgage brokers and banks directly. At every one of those 7 junctures we were bitterly disappointed either being shunned away because of credit criteria, conflicting deposit requirements and the most frustrating of all - staff who were so arrogant that it made you look the other way. I then met Anita Bellini by chance; she explained the SA Home Loans story to me and sold me on why I should give SA Home Loans a go. She didnt have to do too much as by the time I stumbled across the website, I was sold already. Simple, fresh and easy to navigate, equally so was the service I received from everyone at SA Home Loans, from application to after care support. I was surprised to learn that SAHL offered me one of the best rates on the market. Their support has re-bolstered my confidence to look for a property again; I was then approved and now own our dream property. I challenge you, give these guys a go...Try them.

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