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18 Dec 2015

Monicca Rakgolela

After years of being a tenant, being harassed and mistreated by landlords; we were tired and we decided to look for property. After finding the dream house we approached FNB and the process just took forever. If they didn't want this, they wanted that; documents that are close to impossible to get. I can tell you, the only thing that was left for them to request was my late father's hair samples lol, that's how insane it was. So finally we approached SA Home Loans and we were assisted By Neil Puckeri who requested documents once! SA Home Loans wont come back again and again asking for extra documents just to drag the process. Doesn't even take long. We got approved for 875k. And the beauty part of it is that my property has a garden cottage which I'm renting out. I have moved from being a tenant to being a LANDLORD and I have peace of mind!! Thank God, because SA Home Loans gave us a chance.

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