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05 Mar 2014

Mr & Mrs Fisher

Dear Hilda Keane/ SA Home Loans I have given this letter allot of time and thought to find the right words it deserves, I have started writing and erased the words, and started and erased again, because simple words just come out to clich and dont express our true emotion and appreciation. Hilda from the moment you received our Offer to purchase, and I called you early the next morning, I had a good feeling about you. As I explained that we had experienced nothing but disappointment after disappointment from all banks, and worse of all, even our own bank. You got to know us, you engaged in conversation, you took time to meet us and pulled our file apart to gather true solid detail and facts. Whereas in a nut shell- all other banks judged us by a cover meaning just because credit bureaus dont update their systems fast enough, we were told time and time again we couldnt afford our dream home, their attitude was to just cut us off and not waste any more time with us- our pleas and cries fell on deaf ears. If we were able to meet with your manager/ superior I would definitely say to him or her- that you are one in a million, godsend and a blessing! All just because you were one that actually heard our pleas and did that little extra to listen to us and went beyond just judging us by a systematical cover. Thank you thank you thank you we have been a buzz about our home to all friends, family and work colleagues

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