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05 Feb 2024

Mr & Mrs Mukwevho

Mr & Mrs Mukwevho

Mr Mukwevho: SA Home Loan work hand in hand with the department. That one I need to be clear. They can assist you. Then I decided to apply, what an amazing story because I was directed to the person together with the team. We started at the beginning of the last. I was having the dream, but that dream, I was not aware that it's exactly the same dream with my wife.

Mrs Mukwevho: He said what kind of a house do you want? I said I need a double story. So are you sure? I say yes, I need a double story. That's also my dream. Yeah, they actually were amazed like how can I build this house? and one of my friends even said this is not just a house, it's actually a mansion. You actually brought Sandton from Sandton to location and like, that's when i felt we made it my husband This is our dream house and I'm happy. One thing for sure, which is making me proud and happy about the SA Home Loan, is how they managed it. It was marvellous. A lot of people I know need to build their houses. They must just listen carefully. They must go to SA Home Loan wherever they are. They're going to get amazing people, people who can start with them and end with them. If you dream about it and you plan about it, you can make it. Your wishes can come true.

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