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Western Cape

26 May 2014

Mrs Fraser

I would like to bring to your attention what a remarkable and outstanding experience I had working hand in hand with Mrs Rowena Webb. After two years of endless applications with banks I thought purchasing property was just impossible for me... Until I was handed over to Rowena. From day one she held my hand and when things were getting tough she was there for me. I must confess I am shedding tears writing this letter, tears of happiness and joy...All thanks to Rowena. Rowena went the extra mile in assisting me. She became a friend on the other side of the line, calming me down and giving me the strength to hold on just for another day. You have one hell of a woman working in your establishment. Not only does she process your application, she takes a special interest in her clients. It is people such as Rowena that is valued and if given the chance I will most certainly refer applicants directly to her. My partner and Iwant to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having Rowena there not just to get the deal done but do it with all of her heart and soul. Treating us the same way she would want to be treated if the tables were turned. Hold on to this Gem, Rowenas are very few and far apart. God Bless and thank you Rowena for making our dream come true. Sincerely, Mrs Fraser

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