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Free State

17 Mar 2015

Msa Dladla

Well 2014 was a very busy year for us as a family; we were newly weds with two daughters and living with our in-laws, and we were desperate for a place of our own. A place to really start living, my wife and I searched high and low for a place we also approached many banks and many estate agents, and kept on getting disappointed as we never could get the loan approvals due to many and sometimes even unrealistic reasons. Then we struck gold and found our dream home, the house that we were going to raise our family and call our home and again we had to do the arduous task of loan applications through the banks, "were we going to relive the nightmare?",this was the number one question on my mind. Our living conditions were really starting to take their toll and the daily routine was also a constant reminder of our unconventional living condition, this burden was really hard to bear as the time passed... Then by sheer coincidence I saw an SA Home Loans add on TV and from that I decided that we will apply with SA Home Loans for this loan. I thought, We have nothing to lose." Then things started to unfold at a very rapid pace, we were granted the full loan amount, the interest rates on the loan were the lowest; talk about being "dumbfounded". I couldn't believe it and in a space of two months we were happily settling in under our very own roof. Thank you SA Home Loans, the only thing that I have to worry about now is mowing the lawn.

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