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10 Feb 2015

Nardus Gibson

What a time. We knew that it was time to move as our little house that we rented got too small. Especially with our little girl that started walking. We always said that we wanted to stay in the complex that we are in, as we are happy here; its close to everything and our friends are nearby. One morning my neighbour phoned me and said the house next to them was for sale. In a hurry we arranged to go and have a look and we were so happy! Then the process started, applying for home loans, looking for deposit options etc. It was definitely the most stressful time in my life. But everything worked out perfectly and we are currently home owners. SA Home Loans gave us the best service, rates and guidelines. Our little girls are now running around in the back yard, sleeping in her new bed (for the first time) in her bigger room. We as a family are very happy and fortunate to have our own house. We pray to God everyday for this blessing.

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