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25 Oct 2011

Nash Essop

Despite having a bank account with two major banks for several years, & a fairly decent balance - I had missed an account payment of R150.00 with a clothing retailer & it still amazes me how this balance was even outstanding; this missed payment was reflected in my credit profile and as a result I was deemed a high risk profiled client. R150 in the context of what I was looking for was not even 1% of the value of the bond and one of the banks rejected my bond outright on that basis and the other required a 30% deposit. In the current economic climate, I rather have the cash on hand as opposed to having it invested in property. The perception to me of how the other banks perceived me was that I was more of a criminal/burden/liability, and they could only grant me a bond because they had too and if they had their way, I was in insignificant part of their business. SA Home Loans makes the effort to constantly "chase" after you, in the most positive form of the word to assure you that they are serious about your business and I feel the attention they give you is very personalised and they do see the bigger picture. It is good to know that there are alternatives to Banks and I would like to see SA Home Loans enter the vehicle finance segment in the future.

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