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25 Oct 2011

Natasha Malan

We didn't purchase our dream-house, initially. When my husband and I decided to break into the property market 9 years ago, our budget allowed us - literally - two choices in properties available to us, the one being a simplex too small to swing a cat in and that featured a single "bedroom" which was actually a loft-platform accessed by a scary ladder leading from the centre of the lounge! Despite our miserly budget and being newly-weds with little credit to our names, SA Home Loans took a chance on us and enabled us to get our foot into the home-owners door. We bought our little two bedroom simplex and started our family there. After seven happy years there, we decided it was time to add another bambino to the family and therefore needed a bigger home. With the exchange rate being what it was and the great deal we got from SA Home Loans, we sold our little simplex, settled outstanding debts and had enough money to put down a great deposit on our dream home. We have been in our new home for two years now, all thanks to SA Home Loans giving us a chance nine years ago and standing by us even today. Thanks guys!

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