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30 Jul 2012

Ncamisile Mgxiva

It all started in 2010 when I saw a duplex property valued at R840 000 in Meyersig, East of Johannesburg. I made an offer of R840 000, but unfortunately one of the banks declined my application on the basis that one of my clothing store account's was not in good standing. I told the manager of the bank that I had a dispute with the charge on my account and he (the manager of the bank) said that I must write a letter together with the manager of the clothing store in question explaining the situation. That was practically impossible because the store manager was based in Cape Town and I was staying in Port Shepstone. Other banks were completely silent. I then gave up on the house. Then in September 2010 a friend of mine told me that there was a house on sale at Oslo Beach in Marburg. He said that the owner was selling his house because he was relocating to Australia. I went to view the house and I was so impressed that I made an offer for R780 000. I applied for a home loan from the banks as per usual, one bank responded in good time and wanted a 20% deposit while the others hadnt even responded before the offer had expired. I had given up, again. I overheard an advert for SA Home Loans on East Coast Radio. I then told myself that if I saw a property that impressed me, I will definitely apply with SA Home Loans because they are the home loan specialists. I soon saw a house in Uvongo and within the same month had made an offer and started an application for funding.

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