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25 Oct 2011

Neil Lottering

A few months ago we found the ideal home for our family. Applying for finance with various financial institutions we eventually got 96% bond approval with Standard Bank. Papers were submitted and everyone was happy (so I thought....) 3 weeks later the bond attorneys contacted me and advised that Standard Bank made a mistake and were only suppose to offer 90% approval :( This is after we gave 30 days notice at our rental establishment as well as informing the seller (who also made plans to move into a retirement village).We were so distraught and didn't know who else to turn to....I went onto the internet and came across SAHL. Did online enquiry and was speedily contacted. Documents were submitted and within 2 days they came back with a 95% approval :) The speed and professionalism with which they handled our application was UNBELIEVABLE!! Thanks guys, we owe you big time as we're now living in our 1st 'new' home thanks to SAHL :)

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