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Western Cape

26 Jul 2012

Nevana Andrews

Dear SA Home Loans, thank you for affording me an opportunity to tell others how amazingly professional and caring your organisation is. Firstly, my story begins, where I never thought that I would one day own property again. I lost my husband in a car accident and had to sell our home. Ever since 2004 I have been renting and had been moving from flat to flat, losing deposits along the way, as landlords try and find ways and means of exploiting others. My dream was to one day own a home, so that my children could grow up in a stable environment and have a place they could truly call HOME. This was where SA Home Loans came in; I submitted an online application and had a response almost immediately, requesting that I submit an OTP and all supporting documentation. I received an offer, within 4 days and was so happy and overwhelmed, I shouted with joy at my office. Everyone came to congratulate me and asked where I got approved; I told them SA Home Loans and told them how efficient and professional you are! One thing is for sure, I will be walking another 20 years with SA Home Loans and I am looking forward to every step, as I know that this is a company that takes care of their clients and have their interests at heart. Well done to the staff of SA Home Loans, that made my dream a reality! PS: When I drive past your billboards, I get a warm feeling in my heart, as everything about your billboards depict the sincerity you show through it.

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