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01 Oct 2019

My wife is happy and our kids are loving the neighbourhood.

Nicholas Maake

I am a father of 3, my wife and I were looking for a house and it seemed almost impossible to get one. The grace of God led me to Jabulane of SA Home loans, he advised us to reduce our debts and avoid making new ones. A few months later our affordability increased and we managed to get approved for a home. I'd like to thank the SA Home Loans team for their professional and humane services. My wife is happy and our kids are loving the neighbourhood.

We were extremely impressed with the fast, efficient and professional manner in which he handled our application process. He took the time and had the patience to answer all our questions. He was in constant contact with us updating and guiding us all the way. There wasn't a single day where he never responded to an email or text from us. This showed us commitment and dedication. He made things go smoothly and eased our fears. We certainly won't hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.

It is people like Kenneth Hana and organisations like SA Home Loans that help people like us achieve our dreams.

Thank you once again. Our family will forever be grateful.

Part2... The move. OMG, the excitement was overwhelming. I literally felt like I was going to pass out with this immense joy in my heart. My own home, my family's sanctuary, a place that was ours. It was a wonderful feeling. Lots of work to do, but oh so much joy. My partner is busy renovating our bathroom and my kids are choosing their colours to paint their bedroom walls. Such serious thoughts and ideas in designing our own spaces in our new home. I love it!!!
After a busy day at work, I just want to run home. Run to my home. It's the place I'm happiest at. Sharing and making wonderful memories with my family..

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