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Western Cape

02 Dec 2011

Nicole Petersen

Me and my husband decided to buy a house but with no luck with my bank. The lady that was selling her house to us suggested someone who we could phone to assist us with financing our home. I got into contact with Natachia from SA Home Loans who explained the whole process to me on how the interest rate works and repayment. We then made an offer for the house which was accepted by the estate agent. After 1 day the estate agent came bake to us saying that her client wanted to push up the offer with an extra R15 000 which I almost agreed to until I spoke to Natachia from SA Home Loans who has advised that the agent was trying to score more money from the deal. I went back to the agent and advised that I will stick to my original offer which the agent then approved the same day. After all the paperwork was sent to SA Home Loans, we received brilliant news within 3 Days. Our bond was approved. Not only did Natachia come to see me at work, she also explained all the terms and conditions. We were so happy to know that we got approved within a week we had all our paperwork signed and we could be in our house within a month. We received welcome letters calls and a very warm welcome from SA HOME LOANS. I tell everyone that is in the market to buy a house to look no further than SA HOME LOANS for personal care and the lowest interest rate on your bond. SA HOME LOANS IS THE BEST!

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