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01 Nov 2011

Nirvana Sookdeo

My husband and I were married in December 2008. In July 2009 we started looking to buy a home. In October 2009 we found a great house that was a fixer-upper but with great potential, we fell in love :). We applied for finance with all banks and SA Home Loans. SAHL was the first to approve. I was helped by a woman named Ramona and the service that I got from her was unbelievably amazing. It was so good that I turned down the other offers and went to SAHL because of all the effort from Ramona. On 13 February 2010 our dream came true, it was the day we were moving in to "our" home. I have no family in Gauteng so my family drove up to help us move. My husband's family is in Gauteng and they were all at our new home. It was great having so many people around just busy busy busy. All you could hear is pass me that and lets put this hear and clean that first with a background of children running around and enjoying the new big space. The weekend passed so quickly and it was back to just us at home. Renovations and what we were going to do with the place was the topic of the day everyday! We went to the SPCA and adopted two dogs. We were so happy! On 25 February 2010 somewhere between 1 and 2am two men broke into our home, held us at gun point, tied us up, cleaned out our home and took our car. The police never recovered anything. The one man intended on raping me but my husband pleaded with them and he didnt do it. 

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