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25 Oct 2011

Nivashni Kannie

After having difficulty finding houses to rent because of my 3 dogs, I decided that I needed to commit to owning my own home and finally not have any landlords to answer to. I found a fixer-up property in December 2010. I had no idea that getting a home loan was such a tedious procedure. The amount of paperwork that was requested of me because I am self-employed left my wits in tatters. Because I have been with my banking institution for so long, I assumed that it was a given that my home loan would be approved. But I was wrong, and the worst part is that I had to wait 3 weeks to hear of my rejection. The best part was that I called them; they had assumed that they had already given me the bad news 2 weeks earlier. I then attempted to get approvals from other banking institutions, which culminated in months of wasted time and rejections. I was exasperated and deflated and lost hope in achieving my dream of owning my own home and providing a stable environment for my 3 dogs. I was referred to Cheryl Appanah from SAHL by an acquaintance. I was given her contact details, but didn't call... what difference would it make? She called me the next morning while I was viewing a house for let. Her tone of voice is what struck me first. She truly made me feel that she would do her best to fulfil my dream. And she did, in 2 days she got my pre-approval and 5 days later my bond was approved. When she called me, I was literally in shock. 

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