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31 Oct 2011

Nontsikelelo Nqikashe

In 2009 I took a bond through another bank, I went through a difficult time obtaining the bond and the requirement of an R 80 000.00 for a deposit, which I did not have but eventually I raised the money. The bond was payable over 30 years and the repayments were not expensive but when calculating the interest, I felt it was too much. I woke up one morning in need of extra cash for school fees and other things. I decided to search the web and apply for transfer of my bond to other financial institutions and now I was looking for someone who could give me a 20 year term with almost the same monthly repayments, wala SAHL representative, Pravish Naidoo responded. We went through with the applications over the phone. I faxed through the required documents and within 3 days I had the response and the offer was faxed through. SAHL had offered the extra cash and a bond payable over 20 years with only 200 extra on the repayment. After consultations with me by SAHL financial rep, the extra cash was paid within 24 hrs. I now leave in an affordable house, not behind with the fees and HAVE SAVED 10 YEARS OF BOND REPAYMENT...HALALA SAHL HALALA

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