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Western Cape

09 Nov 2011

Norme Jamieson

I am a single young female living on my own and working as a Cardiac Technologist in a Heart Unit. My work requires call-outs for emergencies, day or night. Unfortunately there is 'no good time for a heart attack'! :-) I just love my job, and for that reason I decided to relocate from Gauteng to Mossel Bay - to feel safer! Prior to my decision, I was involved in a 'smash & grab' incident in Centurion, and that really shook my world!! I had to feel safe when I get a call-out to the hospital, this is my job!! I was blessed with an opportunity in Mossel Bay, and there I was on the road to the Garden Route - yeah!! As all the "Vaalies do when they first move down to the coast, they pick an apartment with the most GORGEOUS view of the ocean, and I was no exception to that rule! :-) But unfortunately that isn't always the best decision to make, because most of the year those block of flats are not occupied, and again I was living on my own in a huge apartment block! I desperately needed to find a place where I felt safe and secure. The most popular complex is often the most difficult to get in, because nobody wants to move! Yet another blessing came my way, and there it was - a unit for sale!! I had to move quickly, because there were another couple interested! So I got all my documents ready and off I went to 'my caring faithful bank for 20 odd years'!!!

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