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Eastern Cape

31 Oct 2011

Noxolo Sojola

I LOVE SA Home Loans. I changed from my current bond holder to SA Home Loans around 2009 and I dont have any regrets at all. I got their flyer and I called them to enquire about changing my bond to SA Home Loans, the lady was helpful and within a short period my loan was approved and even got cash back which helped me to pay off my first car. I have enjoyed the CAP rate on my bond which gives me peace of mind during the increasing interest rates. From there until now, I can borrow from my bond and I have done renovations inside my house because of SA Home Loans. My bond monthly premiums? I am even paying more just because I can afford the extra cash. Thanks SA Home Loans, you are really an answer to my prayers. I have even managed to recruit my sister to join and move her bond to SA Home Loan and she is not regretting her decision. Enkosi.

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