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27 Oct 2011

Pam Steele

After 12 years of renting in an area that was really lovely for 9 of those years but sadly went rapidly downhill, with crime becoming rampant. As a family we decided to pool our resources and buy a home with a decent "Granny Flat". There were many frustrating months, until by complete coincidence, we found the perfect home. We had a more than adequate deposit, but because both my husband and I are self-employed all the banks turned us down. We'd never heard of S A Home Loans, until a friend told us. God bless them, they approved our bond in less than 2 weeks!! We moved into our home on the 30th Oct 2004. We've transformed our home over the years and whenever we've needed some help with extra funding, S A Home Loans have stepped up to the plate with lightening efficiency! In addition, their bond insurance is awesome, in the few catastrophes we've had! Every year on the 30th October, we have a family thanksgiving celebration for our perfect home, which would never have been possible without S A Home Loans. We've told so many people our story, some bought new homes others switched their bonds all with S A Home Loans!

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