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31 Oct 2011

Patrick Bagaqane

For 4 years, I stayed apart from my wife and kids and could only see them every two weeks. I stayed in Kwa Thema-Springs and they were at Klerksdorp. The amount of strain my wife was under, made me realize that this was unfair on her. The frustration started to show on her tone of voice and my kids would cry when I have to leave. I started worrying that I'm getting old and didn't have my own home. When I started to work at Vanderbijlpark, I said this was an opportunity to bring my family under one roof and I was so excited that this was going to be easy to do. But all my applications at the well known and trusted banks were rejected. I cried and blamed myself for it that I did not try hard enough. A property agent mentioned SA Home Loans (heard about it but did not know them that well) and remember I lost hope of buying the beautiful house that I saw and took the kids to view. I could not bring myself to tell them the application was rejected. To my surprise SA Home Loans agreed to give me the bond and it took me a while to realize what was happening. I expected the interest rate to be high but I said its OK and again to my surprise it was low. If I had known before I would have recommended SA Home Loans and not go through the stress I experienced.

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